This Is About Ollie

So I was in a lecture today and before it started, as per usual, we were discussing journalism related things; David Cameron’s hairline, the Gangnam Style dance and how inflation has affected the pricing of double vodka cokes.

Then we started  talking about blogging and I mentioned this one.

Immediately, my friend said, “Oh, am I in it?”

I told him no, I’ve been making sure everyone remains anonymous.

He was disappointed. “What? I’m not in it?”

“You can be if you really want?”

“I do.”

So here we have it – a post about Ollie.

Here’s a few things you should know about Ollie.

Before I came to University, I joined a group on Facebook where all the students on my course could chat and vaguely get to know one another before the semester starts.

During the routine Facebook stalk of everyone online, I learnt Ollie already had over fifteen pieces published.

I started, for want of a better phrase, freaking out a tiny bit.

What if everyone was this experienced? What if I turned up with a naive smile and a modest portfolio and everyone else was passing round references from Mariella Frostrup and  Jeremy Paxman ?

Okay, in hindsight, this was just nerves talking. We rarely even discuss what experience we have. And to be honest, once you got in, that’s all that really matters.

Ollie is also a pretty unassuming chap. He’s not one to brag about his incredibly impressive portfolio. Which it is, whether he wants to talk about it or not. Sorry mate.

Ollie is a fellow shorthand sufferer, he just got into the rowing squad which deserves a congratulatory mention, he knows which is just the right amount of cream to bulk up a sauce and he loves Annie Mac.

I’m sure you’ll hear about him again in future posts. Our Gangnam dance needs some serious work. Dancing just at the traffic lights is insufficient if we want to perfect it. And when we do, you’ll need to hear about it.

So in conclusion, hi Ollie. You’ve made it to the big time now. You lucky jammer.

Annie Mac – What’s not to love?

Images courtesy of Google


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