A Different Kind of Christmas

Unless you collapsed under a pile of Harvard referencing a month ago and have yet to surface (as I know a few suffering folks have) then you will know it’s Christmas very soon. And I don’t care that I’m nineteen now. I am still extremely excited.

Christmas time at University is quite different to being at home.

In my house, we don’t listen to Christmas music or put up our decorations until just before Christmas Eve. Some of the reason for this is because my sister’s birthday is on the 24th and it makes her day that bit more special if she wakes to a house of twinkly lights and cinnamon scented candles. But to be honest, the main reason for this is because if we had our decorations up from December 1st  my Mum would probably have a tinsel-overload related heart attack.

                                         Tumblr          I’m just assuming these are cinnamon scented

Whilst she likes decorating the house with John Lewis baubles and tiny wicker reindeer, Mum prefers the decorations to be up for no more than ten days lest the pine needles work their way so far into the floorboards we end up being able to harvest our own ever-greens.

In some ways, this is good news for me. It means when I’m browsing the chocolate aisle in Sainsbury’s I do not mind listening to a loop of “Best Christmas Hits” nor do I get fed up of watching the M&S advert every 10 minutes between snatches of Friends.

In other ways, it does mean occasionally pressing my ear against the window so I can hear the Christmas carols being sung in the church at the bottom of my road like a festively-starved Grinch child.

It is a complete and utter contrast to December at University.

Alison dug out her Christmas jumper on the first of the month.

“I have been waiting so long to wear this!” She said excitedly. The jumper in question was bright blue, hand knitted, with a large Father Christmas placing presents under a Christmas tree. It has turned quite a few heads as well as prompted several congratulatory remarks during Christmas parties (of which there has been a gloriously high number).

Alison also has reindeer socks, Scandinavian style knee-highs and shorts with tiny candy canes on. In comparison, my wardrobe is as barren as Johnny Vegas’ vegetable crisper.

In an effort to spice up our flat with as much Christmas cheer as possible (and distract the eye from the continually deteriorating state of the hall walls) Alison and I stayed up until four am, lying on our stomach’s on the hall floor making paper chains and getting continually more giggly as Alison tried and failed to recite Christmas poems.

My favourite so far is, “Twas’ the night before Christmas and umm…. la la la la. Something was stirring… It was a mouse.”

To be honest, I think we all prefer this to the original.

One of the problems we have encountered in making our flat Christmassy is the biggest student enemy of all – a constant and distinct lack of money.

So Alison and I have devised a fool proof plan – steal any Christmas decorations left unattended. This can be baubles, tinsel, coloured foil, you name it, we nick it. In a totally legal and charming manner of course.

A club, for example, is a prime place for decoration gathering. December means the dance floor is littered with angels, jiving Kings, six foot four Santas and a lot of heavily moulting sheep. This means finding crowns made of holly tinsel, tiny bells and candy canes is like getting your little sister to believe marmalade is made of goldfish; incredibly easy.

So now not only is our hall very merry, but our kitchen is as well.

All that’s left to top it all now is if it snowed.

It’s incredibly cold here – frost never melts on the streets and fields, and walking to lectures comes with a large health risk. Pretty as it is however, a bit of snow would go down a treat.

We have just finished our flat Christmas meal, probably the only vegan one on the whole campus. It was incredibly delicious, probably due to the large amount of garlic Becca and I sprinkled on everything and Alison’s amazing stuffed mushrooms.

The rest of the evening will probably consist of lying on the floor in sleepy euphoria at being so full, and watching hours of Potter taking on the Dark Lord because that’s what you’re supposed to do at Christmas time. Not that I need an excuse for the rest of the year.

I go home on Friday which I can’t wait for. Shame I have a two thousand word essay to do over the holiday, but I suppose every so often you need a little reminder that you are at Uni to work not just have a great time.

I just can’t help forget that every now and then.


                                     Images courtesy of Google                        Merry Christmas!


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