Ben Howard Will Get You Through

I have just finished my first exam. Relieved as I am that it’s over, feelings of immense joy are yet to surface. Some of this may be due to more pressing feelings of extreme fatigue and hunger, or simply abject fear at the prospect of my shorthand exam looming in a week. And the amount of revision posters I have yet to remove from my walls.

Everyone has different ways to cope with exams. One of my friends relies on her best friends Mr vodka and Miss coke and creates a pleasing, if slightly blurry, marriage of the two after an exhausting day revising politics and being forced to stare at David Cameron’s abnormally large forehead in the name of research.

A popular ploy is literally not to do any work at all and then have a mental breakdown on entering the exam hall.

I am stubbornly refusing to resort to revision methods that include, caffeine, alcohol, bribery or anything Douglas Adams would frown upon. Although who knows what naughty things he got up to writing Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Whales don’t just  fall out of the sky, you know.

You’re not kidding anyone, Mr Adams

So far my revision coping mechanisms have been:

1) Eating/making lots of cake. Mostly eating if I’m honest, but bashing a mixing bowl does help occasionally. I’d be worried about the sugar consumption if I didn’t use up all of it in the  freaked-out adrenaline rushes that come every hour or so. Joy be with the students and their furious metabolisms.

2) Sledging. Nothing brings you more happiness than the certainty you will land face first on ice and be in a state of frozen hero glory for the rest of the day.

3) My favourite one of all: Listening to Ben Howard. And when I say listening, I of course mean a constant, glorious, all-consuming loop of folky magic that when I finally turn it off  to go to sleep, neighbouring students stick their heads of their windows crying, “Oh it’s over? Wait, wait play it again, I finally understand; he’s singing about love and natural beauty not just trees! Let us enjoy it one more time!”

I expect the same has happened to you; you find an artist, fall head over heels and play it ’til you hate it. The beauty of Mr Howard  is however, that I shall never hate him. There’s too many wood smoky, happy, summer day filled memories wrapped around every song to ever dislike him.

So if you find me splayed on my bedroom floor with icing sugar on my dress and ‘Old Pine’ blaring from my speakers, just let me be. It’s the best kind of therapy.

Words can’t even…

P.S. I have started writing for music website and my first piece published was a review of Ben Howard’s debut album ‘Every Kingdom.’ I know, it was meant to be. Have a peek

Good luck with exams!

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