Hearts you dance, diamonds you sleep

I have noticed since our first week back in timetabled prison that there is a direct correlation between the amount of lectures you have and the amount of time you spend not sleeping.

A non university educated individual may suspect that a fuller timetable means more hours spent in bed recuperating from the hideous amount of lecture notes they have been forced to write up.

But a fellow student will arch an eyebrow knowingly and slur, “No no my friend, we use those assigned sleeping hours trying to redeem the day with card games and Tesco Value Vodka.”

Card games: Making vodka bearable since the 1940’s

I can testify to this. I got back to my halls at five this morning and have woken in a beatifically cheerful mood, despite my atrocious bed hair. So much so, I am suspicious of whether I slept at all and am not still slightly drunk like a nineteen year old Bridget Jones.

Not that I drink Tesco Value alcohol. Surely those products are reserved for students trying to drink their lab report into submission and/or cleaning bathrooms.

I’m not one hundred percent sure what has happened to me since coming to university. I have always had a very good work ethic and on nights not spent at house parties or clubs I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Last semester, I made the mistake of thinking my brain could function at a nine am lecture after spending all night playing Ring of Fire and watching back to back episodes of Modern Family. Turns out all this leads to is delirious note taking and back-to-back colds.

So I decided this semester would be different. I would go back to being an aspiring Hermione Granger, going to bed at reasonable hours and generally being sensible.

What I didn’t factor into this was just how much fun my friends are, particularly at ridiculous hours in the morning. So I spent last night in a wonderfully huge second year student house, chatting, continually losing Blackjack and generally having a pretty great time.

The real problem was the other decision had I made for this semester – meet more people. You see the issue now, oui?

It’s like I have two identities; by day I am in a constant writing frenzy of shorthand, articles and reviews, something which I love and hope will never get tiring. Everyday I am utterly grateful I am doing something that I enjoy with such amazing people around me.

By night, I am surrounded by equally joyful people, dancing, laughing and really just  making the most of being at university. Every Post Graduate I meet bestows the same pearl of wisdom; “Make the most of your time here. Before you know it, it will be over.”

The real trick is getting the balance right. So far, it’s spot on. If you don’t assign hours to sleeping, that is.

If we all had Time-Turners Miss Granger, we wouldn’t have this problem

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