It was my 20th birthday this week and so far, being 20 has been pretty awesome.

My parents and sister came to visit last weekend. Our reunion began it usually does when I haven’t seem them for a while, namely:

Mum: (Hugging me) “Oh it’s so good to see you!”

Me: “You too! Aww I missed you!”

Mum: “We missed you too!  (surveys me at arms length) Oh baby look at your tights, are they supposed to be covered in fluff? Did you wash them with a tissue by mistake again? And look at your laces. They’re so frayed. You’re so scruffy. I had better take you shopping. Have you been eating enough?”

Me: “Yeah, uh, I’m fine, uh…”

Dad: “Good to see you missy! (Hugs me so I can’t breathe)”

Maria: “When can we go to the pub?”

I’m realising that even when I’ve lived successfully by myself for another twenty years, my Mum will still worry that my tights are too fluffy.

After a few minutes, my Dad, who was looking more devil-may-care than usual with his Movember moustache, said, “Open your card. Now.”

“He is so pleased with this,” Mum told me.

The card was a mock newspaper cover with the headline, ‘University student celebrates 20th birthday at age 20’. It included a ‘quote’ from me that said, “I can’t believe after 20 years I’m finally 20” and before and after pictures of me as a baby and at prom.

“Dad this is so good! Did he laugh when he was writing this?” I asked Mum.

“Yes, the entire time. I could hear him laughing from downstairs.”

The older I get, the more similar our sense of humour becomes. The other day I sent him a photograph of a wooden clog in a sink. It was captioned ‘It’s a clogged sink.” I laughed when I saw it because I could imagine my Dad laughing at it.

Sometimes I worry I’m turning into my Dad.

At Pizza Express that weekend, my Dad pointed out that the dessert, ‘Toffee Fudge Glory’ would be a really great phrase to shout out when running into battle. The restaurant was a lot quieter once we’d left.

My sister and went to see ‘Gravity’ in 3D that evening. We had an insanely good time. Some of the reason for this was the film, and some of it was the equally entertaining people sitting around us. One woman kept shouting, “Come on Sandra! Get it together!”, while another guy shouted obscenities every time Sandra almost died. Which was a lot.

I insisted on making Alison and Becca watch it two days after. I was slightly worried about Alison getting motion-sick whilst watching the movie. She once told me she threw up after walking over a rope bridge. The odds weren’t in her favour.

After the film, I asked, “Did you like it Alison? You seemed to be checking your watch a lot.”

“Meh,” Alison said. “I just wanted to know how much time I had left before I could eat.”

At least the mystery of whether I’d like to go to space or not is solved. The answer is no. No thank you

Wednesday night I went to Corp with the journo lot. Corp is a dangerous place to be if it’s your birthday. Not only is the alcohol dirt cheap, but their specialty are quad-vods. And people love buying you drinks if they’re bright blue and it’s your birthday.

“You’re not drunk enough!” Ollie kept shouting. He had written in my birthday card, “Just because you’re no longer a teenager, it doesn’t mean you can’t act like one.” Judging by the crowd in Corp, it’s safe to say all students live by this motto religiously.

As it was school disco night, I was wearing a white shirt and my handmade Gryffindor tie from Halloween. Halfway through the evening, a boy walked up to me, tugged on my tie, yelled “GO GO GRYFFINDOR”, high-fived me and walked away. I love clubbing.

A lion would look really great in the University of Sheffield’s emblem

I’ve finally started at my university radio station which is just as exciting as I hoped it would be. I’m now a news reader on the Late Breakfast Show and sidekick/co-presenter after the news. At the moment this consists of trying to think of something witty to say and not getting my hair tangled in the headphones. Which has been semi-successful so far.

The uni work load has cranked up a bit. But, my revision has been non-existent. I blame this on eagerly awaiting the new Sherlock series and watching The Office. There’s not been a lot of thinking space left.

So, tomorrow I’m going to take my books to the library (and remember my U-card this time) and get some work done. Although being in a warm environment might just encourage sleep. I can’t remember what a warm house feels like.

I should have asked for an electric blanket for my birthday. Damn it.

“Hi, I’m Michael. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?” *creepy wink*

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2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. That boy who tugged your tie is awesome. I was at the airport once, ready to board a plane, and I saw this girl wearing a gryffindor hoodie. Unfortunately she was too far behind. It would have been awesome to throw a potter reference at her, especially when I was wearing a Slytherin scarf at that time.

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