About Me


Welcome to The Better Years, a blog charting my crazy, wonderful and manic three years at the University of Sheffield in England as I work towards becoming an actual proper journalist.

I’m just about to start my third and final year in journalism which, if the killer shorthand and media law has taught me anything, is going to be deliriously hard. But I’m grateful every day I’m getting to study and explore something I love, even if it means spending a fortune on Jaffa cakes and ice cream to survive.

I love the great outdoors, music and movies, and am feeding the dream that one day I may actually be on the radio reading that news stuff people listen to.

Expect Marvel references, unashamed Stephen Fry love and much, much book adoration as I begin the final leg of my adventure. I hope you enjoy reading about it just a smidge as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Much love,

Eve x

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Illustration by Maria Betts



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