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Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn

Released October 26th 2011

Since the tufty-headed journalist hit our cinema screens, people have been asking, “Did the only director deemed ingenious enough to create Hergé’s eternal character succeed?” I answer them, “Are you crazy? It’s Spielberg – of course he did!”

Film boffins have undoubtedly been pushing their Michael Caine-esque spectacles up their noses and deliberating this since director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson announced their plans for making Hergé’s character come alive on the big screen. Tintin and Snowy’s whimsical antics have been captivating audiences for over eighty years, and for many, a character so close to their hearts meant only a director with enough heart for Hollywood could achieve it.

The plot is a collaboration of three Hergé adventures; Crab with the Golden Claw, Red Rackham and Secret of the Unicorn. Tintin, played by Jamie Bell goes in search of three mysterious scrolls with the help of ever-faithful Snowy and Captain Haddock, (Andy Serkis), in order to claim the sunken treasure at the Unicorn’s wreck. Unfortunately, Ivanovich Sakharine, (Daniel Craig) is determined to gain the fortunes for himself.

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Jamie Bell with his boyish innocence proves a perfect fit for the globetrotting hero, whilst Andy Serkis’ rolling Scottish brogue expresses a delicious head of wit and belly of alcohol fumes. Daniel Craig’s delectably nasty Sakharine is just as successful as a long-nosed villain as a 007 hero.

We are as close to the immortal, deliciously vivid world of Hergé’s we can ever hope to be. Spielberg’s first fully animated movie proves exhilarating to behold. The vivid cascade of action, humour, and frantic yet fabulous chase scenes indulges the audience using motion-capture techniques.

For fans with the comic books still stuck in their waistbands it’s likely to leave them feverish in anticipation. Great snakes! I can’t wait for the sequel.



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