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Miranda – Series 3

Not many people are willing to press their breasts against a meeting room window in the name of comedy, but at least Miranda Hart manages to hold a modicum of dignity in the process. The three time British Comedy Award winner is back for her third series and it truly is a veritable thrill to see our Queen of comedy on our screens once more.

The lack of Miranda on the box for the past two years has left the more whimsical and some might say vivacious of BBC’s viewers at a bit of a loose end. Days where galloping to the local newsagents for your Sunday Observer and browsing the kitchenware aisles of John Lewis with cries of ‘USE THE NICE TUMBLERS’ during the infectious aftermath of Hart’s series were over. But thankfully my friends, frequent half-nudity and consuming vast amounts of cake are socially acceptable once again.

The storyline has changed tack for series three; Miranda’s joke shop has gone bust, Stevie, (played by Sarah Hadland) Miranda’s tiny elf of a friend, is now an executive and Gary (played by the delectable Tom Ellis) and Miranda have decided to be ‘just friends’ (although we are all hoping this is not really the case).

Miranda’s mother Penny (played by the consistently fantastic Patricia Hodge) however is still keen to get Miranda to detox, lose weight and get married so she can stop describing her as a “fat temp.” Cue amusing jaunt to Eaters Anonymous where Miranda creates a Jurassic Park-esque demolishment of pies and is told she could be a jockey “Only if you had a massive horse.” It’s Hart at her tragically adorable best.

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Years spent absorbing vast amounts of Morecombe and Wise and Are You Being Served? is transparent in Hart’s old-fashioned slapstick absurdity that has on several occasions caused my grandmother to be led choking with laughter from the room.

When series one was first released in 2009, critics were divided between riotous praise and bemused scepticism. What is it about this six foot one, accident prone, self-effacing woman that is so enchanting?

Perhaps it’s Hart’s ability to be able to laugh at herself, even when the people around her are laughing at her, not with her. After all, what do the British like better than a little bit of half-hearted diffidence? Her approach to comedy is soft and familiar. It’s the equivialnt of lying in front of a fire like a fifteen year old spaniel, stack of chocolate digestives within arms reach and a pot of tea cooling on the table. It’s the epitome of home.

With a staggering 10 million viewers tuning in for Hart’s latest escapades it seems I’m not the only one who is utterly repulsed at the idea of a sugar-free beetroot cake and a world where people are opposed to playing ‘Biscuit Blizzard’. We all know there’s still a little kid inside us all. It’s just a case of letting her gallop free in the street every now and then.

Originally written for Liberty Belle Magazine


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